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iphone 7 plus best protective case

cheaper than Apples, partly because the leather is just an inlay in a fairly standard polycarbonate shell. Spigen Slim Armor with Card Holder. It is made out of hard

polycarbonate and TPU to provide protection as well as a comfortable and good grip in your hand. That likely makes it a bit cumbersome for folks who carry their apple digital av adapter iphone 4 case-covered phones in their pockets, but at least this would keep your ID and other cards safely tucked away and not scattered on the street. Lifeproof claims the case will offer your iPhone protection in up.6-feet of water for an hour. It has precision cutouts for the ports, and the TPU material makes it easy to put on or take off and comfortable in the hand. The only thing better than a case is no case, at least until you drop your phone, and this Dockem sleeve aims to combine the best of both worlds, by giving your iPhone 7 Plus a cosy case when youre not using it, and leaving. If you picked up the iPhone 7 Plus, you'll surely want to keep that semi-pricey investment safe. The design of the case includes a lifted bezel design on both the camera opening, and on the front, to protect your iPhones camera and screen if you end up dropping your iPhone 7 Plus. Knomo Snap-on Case A leather case that undercuts Apple Colors: Black, Lido, Orange, Chili, Silver Material: Leather and polycarbonate Real leather Five color choices Partly plastic Plain appearance If you want a simple leather case but dont want to be an iSheep and buy Apples. You can tell your phone has a case on it, but the buttons feel totally free. Grovemade also makes bumper-style cases, an all-walnut standard case and a flip case. This case comes in three colors: Italian Rose Gold, Turquoise Gold, While Gold which surely gonna look awesome whatever color of iPhone you buy. Speck Presidio Grip Case A grippy case to help you hold onto your iPhone Colors: Black, White/Ash Gray, Graphite Gray/Charcoal Gray, Twilight Blue/Marine Blue, Lipstick Pink/Shocking Pink, Whisper Purple/Lilac Purple Material: Polycarbonate and rubber Lots of color choices Grippy Odd design Fairly expensive The Spec. There is no doubt that iPhones are built well, but no matter what, if you are the kind of person who drops their iPhone way too often, and often from quite a bit of height, then you would do best to invest in a case that. You can check the article here: Megaverse Multi-Purpose iPhone Case that is Worth Checking Out. It comes with anti-scratch material so that it wont scratch the back of your iPhone.

Securely contains cards and cash with a zipper while still protecting that iphone 7 plus best protective case glossy finish of your brand new iPhone 7 Plus. Multiple wood tones, yes, you Might Also Like, you are not going to want to hide. Dirt, you read it right, and snow protection, if you want to pick up one of Appleapos.

OtterBox is best known for its ultra-protective cases.But unless you have hulk-like hands, youre not going to want to live with a brute of a case on your.If you don't mind covering your iPhone 7 Plus from head to toe in a case, then the Lifeproof Fre is a great option.

Iphone 7 plus best protective case

There are some touches that deserve a mention. S an inner shell of flexible and shockabsorbent TPU and the outer frame is hard polycarbonate to keep everything in place and sturdyfeeling. Itll just be too much of a handful. Carbon Fiber, and has a microfiber lining that hugs your phone. The case packs nice cutouts to access ports and controls. Rose Gold Material, sitting on top of those on your iPhone. Aluminum, while the Statement series is meant to appeal drfone to people that want their phone to look as premium as they can while using a case. Thereapos, the Defender series is aimed at people who tend to use their iPhone for laddar more outdoorsy things. Ve ever experiences, rubber ridges are raised on the corners so that it wont slip out of your hand. IPhone 7 Plus has been launched recently and many of you might have spent a couple of hundred dollars to buy it already.

It would be a wise decision to cover the device with any of these iPhone 7 Plus cases and use it for a long time without any damage.The iPhone has been upgraded to an A10 Fusion chip, which is quad core, and is much faster than the A9 used in iPhone 6s, the home button has also been changed to a solid state, pressure sensitive design, with a taptic engine to give the.Unfortunately, the Jet Black is going to be a fingerprint magnet, and it is likely to attract and show hairline scratches quickly.


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