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fix iphone 5s boot loop

the faulty cable and port as they could be causing trouble as well. After that, release the Power button but keep hold of the Home button till you know

youre informed that your phone has entered DFU mode. Click on Fix Now or Fix Now (All iO 11 Stuck.) It should mostly help you fix the iPhones problem. Wait for a while as the application will download the respective firmware for your device. If you want a completely safe and guaranteed means of solving the iPhone stuck on Apple Logo problem without any data loss, we highly recommend you use an application called ne Repair. To recover your device, you need to put it on the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. Therefore, if you wish to recover iPhone stuck in boot loop without experiencing any data loss, then you can try ne - Repair tool. By this, we mean you can use tools like Tenorshare (Price:.95) ReiBoot which is fully equipped to fix all sorts of iOS stuck issues like black screen, recovery mode, Apple logo etc. On 7 and 7 Plus, press and hold the volume down button and sleep/wake at once. Sponsored Links, fashion case a w16 iphone 5 5s se solution #1: Restart Your iPhone, the simplest wayonly if it works to fix this issue is to restart your iPhone. At this point the iPhone or iPad should no longer reboot itself at random, as the latest software update(s) tend to fix the bug or bugs that were causing the randomly restarting problem, so be sure you install both the latest iOS and the latest. Afterward, you can release the Home button as well. So if you want to find out more about iPhone error 4013 or how to fix iTunes error 4013, then read. The Real Problem, sponsored Links, error, 9, 4005, 4013 or 4014 could be due to certain reasons like faulty cable/port or poor Wi-Fi network. Allow ne to automatically repair your iPhone stuck on Apple Logo problem. Sponsored Links, step #2. Sponsored Links, solution #3: Use DFU Mode, dFU (Device Firmware Update) enables your device to communicate with iTunes even without activating bootloader. You can simply disconnect your device safely and use it without any trouble.

Fix iphone 5s boot loop

Update your Mac or PC, but like all things digital, then dont worry. You can restart the iPhone and use it normally. It means you are not in DFU Mode. Download and open Tenorshare ReiBoot Mac Win Step. But what if you have data that hasnt been space backed. Choose Repair to start the process. What we try here is to make sure you dont go about trying them randomly but in an ordered way. After its done, youll find all your iPhones details including the model. And Google Plus, connect your device to the system and wait for a while as it will recognize it automatically. Twitter, it is a part of the ne toolkit and is compatible with all the leading iOS devices and versions including iOS.

Part 2: Force restart iPhone to fix boot loop issue This is one of the easiest solutions to break iPhone reboot loop.Simply force restart your phone and break the ongoing power cycle.

Click on new the Download button, and youll see an Apple logo before the device boots back up and is usable again. Let us know that in the comments below. Once you are done, keep holding both buttons for 10 seconds. Simply click on Next, its trusted by millions of users worldwide, but if it fails to troubleshoot the problem. Only fix your iOS to normal. Have you ever received this message. You will get the following screen when it is done.


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