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why haven't iphone have a thermometer

of real-time health maps similar to what the CDC offers. It also shows a list of urgent care centers nearby. But what if it had a built in thermometer?

Even if not feasible, its always nice to dream. Simply take your government issued from iPhone and download the app and tell it what state you are inspecting in or let it find your location automatically. . The company's goal is to distribute 10 million Kinsa Smart Thermometers in the next few years in order to create a real time map of health. That was just one scenario I imagined coming from this functionality. We have other things on the iPhone like a stinking compass seriously! Push notifications can alert you to outbreaks of the flu or other illnesses throughout your area. When the temp is set you simply leave it at that. But it also is a great health tool that does a lot more.

If youapos, test the temperature of the meat and more with this new accessorie. Either to iphone award the restaurant or shut it down until quality improves. Anonymized data reveals if the flu. Obviously as Fall is upon us the temperature of each day keeps dipping and dipping. The database further pushes the data to other health related websites and updates their certificates and posts their scores so you the consumer can see which food joints rate the highest in your area 000 funding target, anything is really possible with the iPhone. Imagine Apple reinventing the food inspection industry. Created simply to give me a place to go on a rant at anytime when I think of something perhaps a little too obscure to be a reality for the iPhone.

Does iPhone have an internal temperature sensor?There are a ton of apps in the store that claim they can tell you the temperature, but they all seem to depend on the weather service, and cannot tell the current room temp.The iPhone might prove to be inaccurate as well, but at least Id have two resources to consult.

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Is this just not possible. I think, there is also an why haven't iphone have a thermometer app for the food enthusiasts out there. Barometer measure air pressure, why haven't iphone have a thermometer in case you were wondering, a report is automatically put together along with other info you input.

Level 9 (13,255 points kMT, apr 13, 2017 8:52.Source: KinsaSmartThemometer via eWeek).


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